4 Ways to Get in Sync With the Modern Traveller

June 21, 2018

They’re digitally obsessed, adventurous and do business like they do leisure – on their own terms. As the dominant generation of the times, no doubt, millennials constitute a significant section of your travelling workforce. Here are some recommendations from UNIGLOBE experts to keep pace with the times and your evolving traveller expectations.


Make room for new options in travel policy

To keep up with their rhythm of daily life, modern travellers tend to stick to their habits-even when they’re on the road for business. No wonder their growing interest in ride- and home-sharing services such as Uber and Airbnb are spilling into business travel. Even so, these travellers are often not sure whether these services are covered by their travel policy. If your travel policy allows for sharing-economy services, you need to communicate as much to travellers. Make the policy available in forms, on the company intranet or wherever travelers can readily access them when they need them.

“Deciding what to cover in your travel policy depends on what’s available in the places your employees travel for work and how safe these options are. If you don’t have an official policy, you’ll have people doing everything and that’s no better. It’s something you should address earlier rather than later,” says a UNIGLOBE expert.


Provide digital options

Millennials lead in many aspects of using mobile on the road. They appreciate the convenience of booking travel and submitting expense receipts electronically. A majority like to use smartphones or tablets to track itineraries and file expenses. You can support them by giving them access to mobile optimised booking tools like the UNIGLOBE Complete Access Online that provides them the flexibility and sense of immediacy they desire in their travel booking and management experience.


Pay for Wi-Fi

Spotty Wi-Fi services in some parts of the world are unavoidable. This isn’t the best scenario for a generation used to being connected 24*7. As a travel program manager, you can help your travellers tide over such trip related frustrations by paying for Wi-Fi on the plane or Wi-Fi hotspots that work anywhere. This way you’ll keep your travellers both happy and productive on that business trip. Isn’t that a win-win?


Make your road warriors feel safe

At a time when disasters and events around the world can easily make business travellers anxious about their safety, implementing a risk management program and staying connected with your employees when they travel can reinforce their sense of security.


“Most business travellers feel safe on the road when their companies care about their well-being when they’re away. As part of that support, brief employees before they go on trips so they understand what to do in case of unexpected circumstances and provide travel insurance and assistance services. Even the simple act of calling to check on employees stranded at the airport due to a blizzard can go a long way in making them feel safer,” concludes a UNIGLOBE expert.